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DISTRO - Tapes


Tapes of varying genres we've acquired through trades. Click on the titles for samples. Buy multiple products to save on shipping!

Titles we currently have in stock:

Dødsfall | Den Svarte Skogen
(The Northern Cold Productions)
Raw Black Metal from Norway.

Hlaut | Gå i Hel (Preposterous Creations)
Brutal and Atmospheric Swedish Black/Death.

Northern Aggression | Abducted by Jesus (Tinnitus Records)
Raw and noisy-as-fuck Black Metal from Maritime Canada!

Solothus | Ritual of the Horned Skull (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Old-school Death/Doom from Finland. Really great stuff!

Storm of Darkness | The Legions of Xue (The Northern Cold Productions)
Black Metal from Colombia!

The Transmutations | The Hundred Years (Preposterous Creations)
Amazing British Neofolk. Think of a darker "Oui Avant-Garde á Chance"-era Skyclad!